Zanskar ski school


1995: Amin and Ben first discuss plans for the ZSS.

1996 - 1997: Ben collects skis from across Europe.

Mar 1998: Ben and Mike (Ben's Dad) deliver first load of skis to Zanskar.

ZSS is up and running! - the first back-country / cross-country ski school in the Himalayan region.

Apr 1998: Inauguration ceremony is broadcast on J&K radio. Ben gives first ski lessons in Zanskar.

1999 - 2002: Skiing continues in Zanskar with lessons given by Urgein Dorjay.

Apr 2003: Ben, Amin & Sophie Lemieux give lessons to children in the Suru Valley.

Jun 2003: Second ski delivery reaches Zanskar from Europe. Some skis donated to villagers at Jildo and monks at Rangdum gompa.

Jul 2003: ZSS runs a summer skiing and mountaineering course on the glaciers below Nun Kun. Jon Mingle acts as a guest instructor.

2004: Jon Mingle brings skis from USA.

2004: Building work is initiated on the ZSS store on land donated by Urgyen Dorjay. Jon Mingle creates an innovative and sustainable design.

Jan 2005: Guy Sheridan & Odd Eliassen visit the ski school.

Jan 2005: Thomas & Martina Zwahlen teach skiing to >30 students in Padum.

Feb 2005: Cameron Pittelkow & Sarah Stewart teach skiing in the Padum area.

The number of pairs of skis at the ZSS breaks the 200 barrier!

Aug 2007: Thomas Zwahlen delivers skis from Switzerland.

Aug 2007: Cam Eddy & friends bring skis to Padum from USA.

Aug 2007: Ben delivers skis from Canada & UK.

First artificial climbing wall in the Himalayan region is constructed (that we know of !)

Aug 2007: Randa Sultan manages the construction of an indoor climbing wall in Padum for the kids.

Mar 2008: Members of the ZSS fly to Kargil by heli and claim victory at the Kargil ski festival.

Summer 2008: building work continues on the ski school store / club-house.

January 2009: Jon Mingle walks the tChadur and teaches skiing in Padum.

February 2009: Gabriela Lagnerova brings 6 snow-boards to Padum and introduces a new sport to Zanskar.

Summer 2009: The upper story of the ski school club-house is complete !

Sep 2009: Deb Van Poolen and Dan Wissman from USA brought ski maintenance supplies to Zanskar and serviced skis in prepartion for the winter.

Oct 2009: Olivia Sofer and Robson Gmoser deliver skis to Zanskar from Canmore, Canada.

Oct 2009: Kent Patel joins the ZSS team as Marketing Director.

Feb 2010: ZSS opens a Facebook account. Join our Group here or become a fan of our page

Mar 2010: ZSS is proud to announce an official partnership with MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op), the Outdoor Gear & Clothing company.

Apr 2010: Urgein organises a skiing competition in Padum, sponsored by the Department of Tourism for J&K.

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