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This song, composed by Amin advertises the ski school by emphasising the fun and enjoyment of the sport. Altogether now...

Ladakhi version

S-ki, S-ki
Aha S-ki Salyang
S-ki salyang demay
Labda khang la skyot tang le.

First verse
Rang youl, kha youl
Gun thak ring mo zigste
S-ki lapta khang la !
S-ki lappa skyot tang le.

Second verse
Lus stop, salyang
Lus la phen pey s-ki lobjong len na
S-ki lapta khang la !
S-ki lappa skyot tang le.

Third verse
Ton met,
Tas tang cho lo styang khor mang po sal te
Mi lus rinchen ton met
Rin met mane ma zet le !

Fourth verse
Rig pe,
Maching tup zhi sondus sapon tap na
Rinchen sergi dyes buy
Gya bang chi la mi kang le.

Fifth verse
Ma shes,
Munpe munnet lap shazang pey man ster
Kespe stoptang shuk ki
Kosa jila mi nam le.

Sixth verse
Zanskar, yarges,
Char zhi stokspe mi mang langes tsang ma
Nga Amin choks ne
Tashi delek zhu yin le !

English (rough translation)

Skiing, skiing
O' the sport of skiing
Skiing is a wonderful sport
Every school is welcome.

First verse
Our land, a land of snow
Bear in mind the long winter
The ski school !
Come and learn to ski.

Second verse
Sports for a strong body
Beneficial for the body
The ski school !
Come and learn to ski.

Third verse
Useless and meaningless,
The cards and dice, many roam the streets
Human life is precious
Meaningful and valuable, don't waste it !

Fourth verse
In the square mother-field of intellect
Sow the seed of interest
This precious golden seed can fill the store
Why can't we fill this store ?

Fifth verse
An undiagnosed illness
Take the pill of good advice
Now skilled and powerful
Why don't you take a good position ?

Sixth verse
Zanskar Society
And everybody involved
On behalf of Amin
Congratulations and good luck !